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03-17-2014, 07:00
My review of the new 2QZQ Camo Epsilon UQP. I want to apologize because I cannot post pics. :(
Upon arrival, I immediately noticed the difference in the material, 40D vs 30D, so the new one is a bit heavier. The material has a silky feel to it and feels sturdier. I love the camo. :boggle:
I set up two 11 DL 1.1 hammocks and put my 30D UQP on one and the 40D Epsilon UQP on the other one. (hammocks only, no UQs) The temperature was around 70* and a bit breezy. This was perfect for checking wind blockage. I laid in the hammock with the 30D UQP first and noticed a slight coolness on my back. I did not feel much wind coming thru the UQP. I then laid in the hammock with the Epsilon UQP and noticed that it seemed to block the wind better and I did feel the coolness on my back, but not as much. I then put my 20* UQ under the hammock and put the Epsilon UQP around it. That night the temp got down to almost 30* with a slight breeze. The Epsilon UQP blocked the breeze nicely and I slept well thru the night. I did not notice any condensation in the morning, but the weather was not the sort that would have created any condensation. I will keep an eye out for condensation, and post if I experience any.

I really like this new Epsilon Camo UQP and 2QZQ did an excellent job as always. :boggle::boggle::boggle: I will continue to us my 30D UQP when backpacking since it is lighter, and as I get older I dont want to carry any more weight than I have to. I think the Camo Epsilon UQP will get more use car camping, but it is light enough to backpack. I love the camo.

Thank you 2QZQ for letting me in on this trial run, and I think the Camo Epsilon material will be very popular.

03-17-2014, 07:18
Thanks for the update. I plan on getting one of these when and if they become available.

Bad Biscuit
03-17-2014, 12:26
I'll add my review as well.

Here’s my review of the new 2QZQ Camo Epsilon UQP.

As this was my very first UQP, I did not have anything to compare this to – so here’s my initial reaction:

It was very well made and large enough to easily cover my WBBB end to end. The quality was perfect and I loved the pattern of the material. Although I set it up in the back yard to ensure it was adjusted correctly, I was finally able to test it “in the field” this past weekend.

I took it on a two night loop and used it both nights. It was used on my WBBB with a 20 degree UQ hung loosely. The first night the low was 41, a small amount of early morning drizzle, and light wind. The second night a low of 42, heavy rain and lots of wind (10 mph gust). Although I had my tarp set approx 4” off the ground, with the wind and rain, I had lots of rain splatter on everything except my now protected UQ. I was VERY thankful for the UQP this night to keep my UQ clean and dry!

When the wind would blow especially hard, I could feel the heat loss from the top quit, but nothing from the under quilt. I was warm and had a dry UQ without any condensation issues at all.

I really like this item and it will go on all trips with me where it could be beneficial. Yes, it weighs about 9 oz, but it’s worth it to be warm and dry. A huge “Thank You” goes out to 2QZQ for allowing me to test this item. If you are undecided about this item – just buy it – you won’t regret it. I see this being a very popular item.

03-17-2014, 17:26
could someone please post pics?

03-17-2014, 17:32
could someone please post pics?

Until someone is able to post a picture of the UQP, here is a link to the fabric website. http://multicamfabric.com/shop-fabrics/epsilon
If no one else is able...we will try to get a picture posted in a few days.

Bad Biscuit
03-17-2014, 18:37
I will post pictures in about an hour when i get home. I already have everything out to fully dry before i repack for the next trip.

Bad Biscuit
03-17-2014, 19:28
As promised:

On my scale, it was exactly 9.0 oz:
http://i1026.photobucket.com/albums/y330/jnunniv_photo/P3170092_zpse4249f96.jpg (http://s1026.photobucket.com/user/jnunniv_photo/media/P3170092_zpse4249f96.jpg.html)

Here is the end channel:
http://i1026.photobucket.com/albums/y330/jnunniv_photo/P3170094_zpsfdb81005.jpg (http://s1026.photobucket.com/user/jnunniv_photo/media/P3170094_zpsfdb81005.jpg.html)

Here is the side adjustment as well as the inside (shiny) fabric:
http://i1026.photobucket.com/albums/y330/jnunniv_photo/P3170093_zps0e682dd6.jpg (http://s1026.photobucket.com/user/jnunniv_photo/media/P3170093_zps0e682dd6.jpg.html)

And full size:
http://i1026.photobucket.com/albums/y330/jnunniv_photo/P3170096_zps36951390.jpg (http://s1026.photobucket.com/user/jnunniv_photo/media/P3170096_zps36951390.jpg.html)

f k
03-17-2014, 20:36
Looks great!! I am going to have to pick one up when they are available. I was nearly heart broken when I opened the thread not too long after the last spots were claimed.

03-17-2014, 20:44
Looks great!! I am going to have to pick one up when they are available. I was nearly heart broken when I opened the thread not too long after the last spots were claimed.

They are available!:) Check out this thread I started this morning. https://www.hammockforums.net/forum/showthread.php?90178-2QZQ-UnderQuiltProtector-UQP-in-Epsilon-Multicam

f k
03-17-2014, 22:56
Nice!! I will be ordering one. I had not gotten down to that forum yet today. Thank you. :-)

03-19-2014, 19:45
@ the OP
Where I camp, hundreds of miles from the coasts, there is always less dew and condensation when there is a breeze in the night. YMMV

03-19-2014, 20:28
Sorry I haven't been able to get my review posted. But here is what I have so far, this is a back yard lab test the temp was 37*f and the humidity was 87%with a 3mph wind. I used it on a WBBBXLC coverage was good and the craftsmanship is second to none. I had a 20*top quilt and a 20*under quilt, it was warm as expected, and I had no condensation what so ever, I will be doing more testing but it's getting warmer now so not sure if my findings will change much, too bad we couldn't get these earlier in the winter.

03-19-2014, 20:35
too bad we couldn't get these earlier in the winter.

Agreed...We could have had them a month earlier, if I didn't have so much trouble getting the fabric. :( Sorry about that.

03-20-2014, 14:31
Not pointing fingers or blaming anyone. I still. Like it and will be using it often

Bad Biscuit
03-20-2014, 16:16
Yes, the delay was totally out of your control and you kept us well informed along the way. Very happy and no complaints here.

05-05-2015, 16:21
This is an excellent thread. Sold me!

05-07-2015, 15:35
looks like a fine product and makes me think of the same question I have always had about a uq, why are they simply not made with the outside layer being silnylon? or with perhaps a small strip of the same material used in the rest of it down the center say 18 inches by 6 under the "bumm" area for those really concerned about moisture buildup ? is it not the side that is next to your hammock that needs to breathe?