View Full Version : DD modular jungle hammock or Clark nx-250

04-17-2014, 20:51
I've been looking and researching for my first camping hammock
so... I've narrowed it down to the clark nx250 and a dd jungle hammock.
What say you fellow members?!!?!??
pros and cons of both???

04-18-2014, 07:14
I saw this post and wondered if anyone would answer...

Pros and cons is a wide subject, depends on the person, and would require some research on your part

If price is no object, opt for the Clark.

The DD is a good deal and similar to the Clark, but once you get into a Clark, it is hard to go back [I have had both and keep coming back to Clark].

Happy hanging in whatever you decide.

04-18-2014, 07:37
Just bought a DD Modular used from a member here about a week or so ago. I've lounged in it a few times in the backyard, no overnight yet. Being used to an eno dn, it's taking some time to find a sweet spot with the DD. I assume it's due to the smaller size. The DD is a foot shorter and about 1 1/2 feet narrower. It's a very well made hammock and I like the modular idea, just having a hard time getting comfortable in it. No experience with Clark just figured I'd pitch in on the DD. Again, I've only had it a short time. My current issues with it may get settled out with more time and experience.

04-18-2014, 07:44
I had a DD Frontline but didn't care for the cocoon feeling so I sold it and bought a clark NX-250. If DD had been making their modular hammock, with hoops, at the time I may have opted for it instead. It does seem that the DD requires more fiddling to get the configuration you want whereas the Clark is all-in-one and ready to go at all times. I haven't compared prices or weight but if I remember from reading the description you need to buy a second cover piece to get both underside and topside protection so to make it equivalent to the Clark you would have to add both cost and weight. DD is a well made hammock, Clark is second to none, IMO, and both have an end channel which I favor for easy suspension replacement if desired.
I give the nod to Clark.

04-18-2014, 23:35
Wow! looks like there are a lot of clark fans trolling the DD sub forum....
I've never hanged so I've never done either DD or Clark so getting used
to one or the other shouldn't be a problem.
I like the price comparison of the DD vs the more expensive Clark and
also the fact that DD can be used as a bivey tent if hanging is not possible.
I understand that there is a water proof issue with the DD but that can be solved
with a tarp on top an probably a waterproof under quilt??

If anyone has a DD modular jungle set up for sale then I might be interested...
same for the Clark nx250.... guess it depends which I find first with a good deal!!
Thanks everyone for all the info...

04-19-2014, 03:43
I have never owned, nor touched a DD hammock, but there is a great amount of utility to something that is modular. The ability to replace a part if it gets damaged. The option to leave parts you won't need at home and thus save weight. Quick numbers crunch the DD looks to be lighter and a good bit cheaper, too. Now all that being said, I own, sleep in, and absolutley love my Clark TX-250.

04-22-2014, 06:10
You can also ground stake the Clark if needed be, just like the DD.

I had a cheap DD as my first hammock and never had a good night sleep in it. I admit I had absolutely no knowledge of hammocking or bottom insulation at the time, but never the less. I bought the Clark and have been thrilled ever since.

Just don't trust insulations from the Clark pockets too much. If the pockets are your reason for buying the Clark, I'd reconsider.

04-22-2014, 14:01
Dd all the way you can buy three for the price of one Clark . Plus there is more room in the Dd

04-29-2014, 22:39
We are happy with our DD. I also have some reservations about Clark due to their current lawsuit against upstart Alpine hammocks. Timing on the details seems fishy.

06-12-2014, 21:19
I'm clearly too late to the party here but just wanted to throw my vote in for DD.

I always wanted a Clark but couldn't afford them. Eventually one came up cheap on eBay (alas. not their newest model with the hoops) and it was so small and uncomfortable plus the tarp was fiddly. In the end I re-purposed the tarp as a groundsheet and the hammock is now strung under my DD hammock for use as a gear shelf.

06-13-2014, 15:39
I got a used older model Clark on this forum. I loved the sound of all the incorporated features. Unfortunately, it had the smaller tarp and I couldn't get a comfortable lay. From photos I knew it looked banana-ish, but thought my short stature (5') would enable me to get a half-way decent diagonal lay, but no.

My DL Switchback Classic is wonderful. But I can't fit everything into a bag that is sized for my height, so I took a chance and ordered the DD Superlight combo. Hammock is only 8' long but I can wriggle around and get myself super comfy. I can only imagine that their other hammocks must be super nice.