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07-14-2009, 13:52
So, since my knee went kaputz on me and Coffee wanted to do some of the 'tourist stuff' while he was here in Colorado, we decided to take him to the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.

Our man Seth from Trek Light always has a cart set-up there (it's an outdoor mall for those who don't know). I always stop by and say hello to the fella he has working it and that day would be no exception. Well, imagine my surprise to discover that Trek Light is now selling bug netting, tarps, cool little reusable grocery bags, and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting.

I just checked the site and none of this is listed there. But, here is a little info. The bug-netting is white and appears to be mosquito netting, not no-see-um. It is an interesting design. It does not have a zipper, or any other type of obvious entry. Instead, it is built in 'sock' fashion. Both ends cinch down with a drawcord, so you seal the netting from the inside by pulling the cords. Don't know how well it works because I didn't actually get to try it, but it seems kind of neato.

The tarps, well he's trying. :D I was told they are a hex, but I didn't get to actually pull one out of the bag and get a good look. They are HEAVY. Word is, Seth is not very happy about that part of the deal. I think I was told he was sent tarps with the wrong material by his guy working the cart. That is supposed to be corrected with the next batch.

Anyway, I really like my TrekLights and am glad that he is trying to catch-up with the camping crowd. I'll pick a TL over an ENO mostly because of his ocassional postings here at HF. Says a lot to me when a vendor is willing to face some of the toughest critics in the land.

That's all, carry on.

07-14-2009, 15:45
Ha, thanks for the post Cannibal - it's good to know I can't get away with anything, the Hammock Forums secret society is out there keeping an eye on me. :)

I'm happy to confirm that we've just got a bunch of new Trek Light Gear products in the last two weeks and we've begun selling them at our Pearl Street kiosk. There are some administrative things to take care of (product photos, database updates, etc.) before they go live at TrekLightGear.com, but I'll certainly let you all know when they're up. The new products include the mosquito net (16 oz - 525 holes per square inch, right at the threshold of NoSeeUm netting, I've seen some advertise this as NoSeeUm and some as mosquito netting, but either way it does its job to keep the bugs out), our new heavy duty rain tarp (2lbs), and some awesome new sizes and color options for our Eco Tote line. The Eco Totes have been on our website for the last couple years so it's not a new product, but the new colors and size options are an exciting addition.

More info, links and of course even a special coupon for you all to come as soon as I've got the products online. Thanks for all the continued support here in the forums, if there's anything I can help you with just let me know!