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06-30-2014, 13:30
Anyone ever tried the DD superlight mosquito net on a non-DD hammock? I have a ENO DN and was looking to ditch some weight -- this is much lighter than my current Guardian and much less complicated. My concern is whether it is big enough for the DN. The dimensions are listed as 2.7m x 1.5m, but I'm not sure if the 1.5 is width or height or some combination. My SRL is around 240 cm, so it seems like it would be long enough, just not sure about the width.

07-01-2014, 21:46
ok you have my attention. going to check it out.

07-02-2014, 17:28
Looks as if it would fit.

From tip to tip along the top edge: 102" or 8' 5 1/2" Or 259 cm

The sides are cut at an angle. Hard to measure because I have it cinched slightly.

Depth in the center from the fold at the top to bottom hem (with shock cord - I want to try a thinner shock cord but don't know what diameter this one is!) is. 24". Or 2 '. Or 61 cms. (So, it's 48" of fabric width)

Hope this helps.

07-02-2014, 19:14
Thanks for checking! My birthday is coming up this month, so I now feel safe adding it to my wish list. :)

01-21-2015, 11:36
Hi dfscott!
Very old topic but still wanted to ask you if you had any further experience with the DD SL Mosquito net and your ENO hammock? I also have the DD SL Mosquito net, and a TTTM single hammock. My hammock is 3m20x1m50 with a ridgeline of 2m40. The mosquito net fits exactly, really like a glove :) Only when I get in, one side tends to creep up, and I keep having to push it down.. I've been thinking of make some kind of connection on the bottom of the netting, but not sure yet.. In the cold months it helps keeping the warmth in just a bit, and it accepts a fleece blanket like a charm so I want to have it year round..

Anyhow, wondering if you have any experience with your combo :)

01-26-2015, 20:00
And I was wondering whether anyone had modded the SL net with poles or ?? to lift it up and out. I'm spoiled with my Switchback.

I have those itsy bitsy skinny, yellow "poles" from Harbor Freight already cut to 22". The scary part is sewing loops. Awkward to find placement points.

Wondering if anyone has come up with a brilliant idea.

03-11-2015, 09:11
Just wondering, why would you need a pole mod for the DD SL Mozzie net? If your hammock has a ridgeline, there's no in-your-face-netting to speak of.. My TTTM hammock with a structural rigdeline is a perfect fit for the net, no need to bother with sticks / poles. It just stays where it's supposed to be, almost like a WBBB or Hennessy.. The problem I have is that the width is just not enough, and it creeps up a bit. Wintertime no worries, but summertime I don't want gaps :) Thinking about actually integrating a zipper somewhere..

03-15-2015, 18:51
I slept in the SL at the recent FL Sherpa hang and it was fine. But the spreader bars on my Switchback are super fine.

BTW, I replaced the shock cord in the net and the underblanket for a thinner one. Sorry, don't know shock cord size.