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04-12-2007, 15:05
I meet another guy on the trail named hangman he's not doing a thru as he is jumping around a bit. last i saw him he got off at talico gap then hitiched to the noc and then to Hot Springs. He's a nice kid from new orleans. Its been a bit confusioning on the trail as we meet people. Some people approach him thinking they talked to me on line. and other asked me if i really do body suspension from my chest pierceing. i explain no that it is hangman jr. as i have named him so there is no confusion.I hang from my hamock only.Its been a great hike i'm heading into the Smokies tomorrow! I saw some bear cubs some days back at Carters Gap I'll have pics up on my journal look under Sneakertramp and Hangman! I started on March the 27 at the falls trail.been hanging every night evan in the record cold we were having. i use a hh with the ss and the nest under it all when it drop below 45. 20 degree wm bag. plenty warm one night it was around 12. don't know when i can respond to the thread as its hard to find the time and the comp. when i need one. but will get back when i can. Hangman!!!

04-12-2007, 16:11
good to hear from you. i'll be checking out those pictures.