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10-06-2014, 14:54
I received my new DD Underblanket and gave it a quick try on my Frontline Saturday afternoon. This is my frst attempt to use UQ and glad I got it. I do have to work on getting it set right still.
Does anyone know what type the acutal insulation is? I think all it says is polyester or synthetic. It lies rather flat and does have much loft but does seem to work well.

Also DD is to come out with a new Top Quilt mid November. :D Looking forward to getting one of those too!

Before last year my kit was a continuous changing mishmash of the cheapest stuff I could find or make.
Now I've graduated to the DD Line and have become quite a disciple.
Quality items within my budget and quick shipping.

Blue Skies!

10-06-2014, 15:37
My wife has a Frontline and likes it, too short for me but a pretty nice piece of gear from what i can tell, .
I have never seen one of thier under blankets in person before but glad it works for you, good luck with it and let us know how the top blanket is once you get one.

10-15-2014, 01:01
I got my undernlanket some time ago, used first time couple of days ago. It was +2'c in the night, but i was warm. Didn't know how to set it up but found a way to myself, seem to work just fine. The material is nylon with a polyester filling.

11-19-2014, 18:02
The top quilt has just been announced

11-20-2014, 15:05
Just ordered mine! :D


12-08-2014, 06:14
I have DD UQ ,love it ,have used it in my tenth wonder jungle hammock , i put the UQ under my base layer and the waterproof undercover over that, it was great in -5c snow conditions with a -5 sleep bag . i have just ordered a Jura 2 hammock sleeping bag and a whole ultralight kit, hammock,bug net and tarp . i cant wait to try out my complete DD set up

12-22-2014, 16:28
I have both, the DD underblanket and the DD quilt. Tested it in windy conditions without a tarp (forgot at home) at 3 degrees C. I wore socks, long underpants a T-shirt and a beret. My back was a little bit cold (may be some wind was blowing between the hammock and the underblanket) but the rest of the body was toasty warm. I like the DD Hammocks stuff.

01-01-2015, 18:08

i have used my jura II and DD underblanket on my hennessy in -2c and been happy but i recently tried my new superlight hammock with DD underquilt and jura II bag on a windy night at 1c (approx 35km) and froze all night .. yes its mid summer here but in our high alpine regions its cold , i wonder if it was the wind ripping away the heat .

01-16-2015, 16:08
Gonna Be -2C here tomorrow night i am gonna give it another go, I'll let you know Josh how it goes.

01-16-2015, 16:42
have a DD underblanket but want to replace the suspension and do something different

I use it in my home with my main hammock I sleep in every night and its so stretched out ? also dont care for the bunching in the center so might try more a system like the HG uses ?
I can say owning HG gear now while the price is 3x its so worth it if you do camp much to get something like the HG

09-29-2015, 19:53
The dd tq and uq is pretty good, you can really feel the heat build quickly when you're tucked in well. I've been down to 28f in snow and was warm but that was about the limit I'd say.