View Full Version : just bought a UQ :)

10-06-2014, 19:25
OK just bought one to test out :) figure have to try it to know
and been hanging out side a bunch here so even once I get some nicer down UQ will be a good one to have around anyway I figure and again I say you have to try something to really know

figure my 5 year old wiggle worm might be good for him and a synthetic bag he is using a big agnes down and pad and its working ? so maybe keep him in that and use this quilt ?

having to kit out the whole family can get $$$$ so saving where I can is handy and if it hits 20 our dogs cant take it anway (African Basenjis) so we try to keep it 30 and above and prefer keeping it above 40

I sleep insane hot wife sleeps insane cold at home she has two down comforters on I have a sheet ;) so figure she will get a sweet overstuffed 0 degree UGQ to keep her warm

anyway will share back when I get it going and test it out

10-06-2014, 21:39
And the spiral towards insatiable gear addiction begins!

10-07-2014, 01:34
Yup :)
This month Bought two hammocks for the inside of the house and two for the kids a Dutch argon for fun and two Dutch orders of stuff and the new trail lair ! 4 tarps And working on some stands
Get to outfit 4 of us so will be $ but fun ;)
Next UQ for wife and 2 more then TQ :) hahaaha

Only slept in my bed 1 time in last 30 days and got my 10 year old hooked :)

10-08-2014, 12:07
we just got our new DD UQ and can't wait to try them out.

10-08-2014, 16:42
arrived today :) OK its much smaller than I thought it was going to be packed size ?
agree with others who have said how can this have the rating it does the loft is not huge :) but for the money seems like a decent deal so happy with the purchase

will only get a chance to have mid temps nothing low for a bit

for what we do with car camping have to say opens up the idea depending on temp ranges etc.. to be able to have a lighter temp rating setup around on hand still plan on ordering some 0 degree UGQ in a bit so will be fun to compare what they are like at say 40 degree for comfort and what will be needed as top insulation

also ordered the XL snake skin :) OK HUGE but wanted to try the idea with the kids setup to have everything ready to roll in place ? figure it was worth trying out

10-08-2014, 23:31
we have the xl skins and LOVE THEM. just tie to a tree and whoosh, instant hammock.

10-09-2014, 00:46
:) any pics ?

with the family its setting up 4 hammocks so nice to be as efficient as I can so I have more time to tinker which I like to do or just relax

we have the xl skins and LOVE THEM. just tie to a tree and whoosh, instant hammock.

10-09-2014, 14:05
Does anyone know what the Insulation material actually is?

10-09-2014, 15:20
from what I understand they dont even know :) just says synthetic

Does anyone know what the Insulation material actually is?

10-09-2014, 19:03
94543 This is one setup that we tried. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH7GniZocwo&list=UU4UfpuDsRHzinOWBXoD4ewA this is a video of another setup.

10-10-2014, 00:35
we do the pitch over each other thing with our tarps with our kids :)