• Splicing Zing-it extremely easy and cheap!

    I was browsing through the local hardware store today looking for something that would allow me to splice this zing-it the easiest way possible and I think I have found it! I am not sure if this has been mentioned/used here on the forums yet, but I haven't seen it. Coaxial cable has a small gauge solid copper core that works perfectly to splice zing-it! It was only $0.12/ foot so I bought 4 feet of it. Cut off an 18" piece stripped back the black, silver, and white coating about an inch from on end and used pliers to pull out the copper core. Pinched it closed at one end and it makes zing-it an absolute breeze to splice! Hope this helps someone else as much as it helped me! Happy hanging and even happier splicing!

    This also works extremely well for braided mason line!!!

    Made this 4.5" continuous loop in about 5 minutes!

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