• Accrete's Single/Double Hammock portable stand

    Please keep a few things in mind as you read through this build thread:

    1) I'm just a regular guy...my day job has nothing to do with building or designing anything!!... so what you see or read in this build thread is from a non-professional POV.

    2) Please always follow common sense and any manufacturer's suggestions.

    3) HAYOR ... Take personal responsibility... Hang At Your Own Risk

    4) Please leave comments and suggestions!


    After reading through the Turtlelady, Turtledog threads packed full of great tips and builds...I came across a no-tools mod by a fellow hanger Banana Hammock at this thread he started back in 2013. This particular design calls for no tools other than a hammer...and since my wife and I full time in an RV it sounded like one to try. So down to Home Depot we went...

    We came home with this list of items:
    ( Our first build will be designed with the idea of hanging two hammocks on three tripods for most hangs so this to-buy list is all we needed to get both hammocks up in a '\./' arrangement. )
    > > If you want to view the single-hammock mode stand scroll down this page to post #7.

    2 x 10ft 1 3/8" top fence rail ( cut in half by HD crew )

    9 x 10ft 3/4" EMT ( cut to 7ft by HD crew )

    9 x 1/2" x 6" eye bolt (PS : the length of 6" is not critical, as long as there is some thread past the nut all should be fine. YMMV! It just so happened 6" is what Banana Hammock had on his list and it was the shortest length my Home Depot had for 1/2" eyebolts) This comment came about after a question from a member.... THX CanGnu!

    3 x 3/8" SS Anchor Shackle ( I grabbed the one that was 1700lb rated. )

    3 x 4 pack of 7/8" leg cap ( Made sense to cap the ends as my store bought tent poles had caps. )

    9 x 5/16" washers to fit in leg caps ( Thanks to gmtccr for this suggestion to keep legs from going through caps. )

    here's some pics:


    10ft poles cut to size:

    one of the 1/2" nuts from eye bolts tapped into the factory cut end of the 3/4" EMT pipe then I tapped two opposing sides of the pipe with hammer to flatten. (My wife then filled any gaps with epoxy)

    a close up of the eyes and anchor on top of one of the three tripods:

    a close up of the braided paracord which is then attached to one end of the ridgepole by way of a prusic knot.

    here is the center tripod that two half ridge poles are attached to:

    Here is the stand for two all set up before hanging our two hammocks (currently a Hen.Exp.Asym.Zip/her's, and a WBBB 1.7 dbl/mine):

    here it is all bundled up ready to go into the van:

    Each of the three tripods pack up with the half piece(s) of top rail that is attached to the anchor via line:
    center tripod...

    and one of two outer tripods (also, the two outer tripods can be used with the respective attached ridge poles to create a single stand):

    We did set up her Hennessy Expedition Asym.zip and my WBBB 1.7dbl. Since they are both right side zips and we wanted to be entering the hammocks from inside the "V" my head was near the bottom of the V and her feet were near the bottom V. We will experiment with tarps next set up. The maiden camp-out for the stand is in a couple weeks. I'll report back. What I can share from this afternoon's test set up was these tripods were rock solid on our lawn. I know they are not "trees" as have been said in the other threads, but even with all the shifting and adjusting into various positions the stand felt like we atlas-strapped to three threes in camp.

    Bottom line for us is this build was just what we were looking for in simplicity and functionality.

    I will do my best to put up some camp shots and user reports.

    Thank you to all who have contributed in the Turtlelady and Turtledog threads... and of course Banana Hammock who shared the eye-bolt idea.

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