• Stuff Sacks - an easy tutorial

    I used for all my stuff sacks the instructions on YouTube by Adventuring with Hoot

    Stuff Sacks with a bottom
    Double Ended Stuff Sack

    These were easy enough for me. I didn't look for further tutorials. I think there are some also in this forum. For example here.

    The spreadsheet Hoot uses includes imo a small flaw (depending what you want). I determined the width of the stitchline for the definition tabs with the following easy calculation: Finished bottom circumference / 4. This way I get a square at the bottom of each stuff sack.

    What I make different:
    1. I cut a right triangle about 3/4" on both short edges away first. Then I sew a roll hem at the top corners. I don't use an adhesive tape.
    2. I make the roll hem for the draw cord channel a bit wider (my width is about 5/8").
    3. All my seams are made like a flat felled seam. I fold the seam allowance (~5/8") of the first stitch line in half, fold it over and make a second stitch line close at the edge of the folded edge. This can be tricky if the stuff sack is small.
    4. I reinforce the start of the flat felled seam from both sides with a grosgrain loop (see picture below). This is nice. It makes the flat felled seam much stronger and I have a useful loop there.
    5. I sew a piece of grosgrain ribbon into the definition tabs in order to get a handle on the bottom of the stuff sack (see picture below).
    6. I don't cut the definition tabs away. I sew them on the bottom. This makes the bottom a bit stronger and reinforces the grosgrain handle.

    For the oversized stuff sacks of my Climashield quilts (6oz UQ and 4oz TQ with footbox) I used the following calculated dimensions:
    - material width: 27.58" (70cm)
    - material height: 23.72" (60cm)

    Can't remember exactly what material size I used for my hammock double ended stuff sack. I think it was 21" x 21" (53cm x 53cm).

    All my CS quilts are properly folded and rolled first not stuffed into the stuff sack. I three-fold my UQ lengthwise first and I four-fold my TQ lengthwise first. Then I roll them before I stuff them into the sack. In the stuff sack for my TQ there is a small CS pillow too. I can compress both stuff sacks further by approx. the half size if I like it. The final result uncompressed looks as follows:

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