• Video: How to make a hammock bug net

    Hey everyone, Fronkey here and I made a video tutorial on how to make a bugnet for your hammock. This is the bug net design I have been using for quite awhile now and prefer it over ones with zippers. It's easy to get in and out and it works perfect for keeping the bugs out.

    I am also including below, step by step instructions with pictures on how to make it as well.
    So, you can get both a video and pictures to help you out with this fun project.

    7 yards no see um fabric
    5 yards 1/8” shock cord
    1 cord lock
    Black 100% polyester thread

    You can use tulle instead of the no see um. However no see um netting repels insects better because the holes are smaller.
    Also, you can use different size shock cord as well. This is just my preference and it does save on weight. If you want to go even lighter you can use 7/64”

    Since ridgeline lengths very in size, you first want to measure your ridgeline.

    Once you have your ridgeline measured, multiply that number by two to include both sides of the bug net. Then add 6 inches to give your hammock net some wiggle room by the gathered ends. You don’t want the netting tight on your hammock in case you move around a lot in it. If it's tight, you may take the chance of damaging it and giving that extra room prevents that.

    I am going to use a ridgeline of 110" as my example.

    If your ridgeline is 110" and you mutiply that by two, you get 220".Then you add 6" to get a total of 226".

    Next, take your big piece of fabric and fold it in half. Once you've folded it over, your piece will be 113" long.

    You will then sew one of your lengthwise pieces together. This will be what hangs over your ridgeline.

    Time for your bottom. First, you want to find what 20% of your ridgeline length is. To get this you multiply your ridgeline length by .20.

    For example:
    If my ridgeline is 110" and I want 20%, you just multiply your ridgeline length by .20 to get your answer. Which would be 22"


    Then on your bottom, measure inward to your answer, and mark it.

    Repeat this on the other side too.

    Time for some cutting. You are going to cut your fabric from where you marked the bottom, to the top corner. In the picture below I labeled it "point A" and "Point B"

    Again, repeat this on the other side as well.

    It should look something like this, when you're done.

    Back to the sewing machine. You are now going to sew your sides together. When doing this, you do not want to sew all the way to the top. Just leave enough room for your suspension to fit through. So, if you are using whoopie slings, a small hole or a bigger one if your using webbing for suspension. etc...

    The line in red below is what you sew and the line in green is where your gap is going to be.

    You're almost done!

    Finally, it's time to do your channels.

    Fold over a piece of your fabric and leave a gap just big enough for your shockcord to slide through. You will do this for the entire bottom of your bugnet.

    Then slide your shock cord through what you just sewed leaving some extra cord on the ends for your cord lock. Put on your cordlock, tie a knot at the end and you are finished!

    Now you put it on your bugnet and enjoy being bug free!

    I hope this helps some people out and if there's anything I can help you out with please let me know.

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