• MacCat Clone with Build Process (PIC HEAVY, BEWARE)

    Hey all,

    I have just finished my first DIY tarp! It was a grueling 3 days of work but I couldn't be happier with my results. I was going to create a tutorial, but now I see there already is one by BlackBishop. So I'll just post some pictures of the building process and explain a little. Also, let me know if you have any questions/criticisms. Enjoy!

    Most of the materials used.

    First I split my 7 yards of 1.1 Sil from Quest Outfitters in half.

    Then I sewed the flat-felled seam along the ridgeline and ironed it nice and flat. I used binder clips to keep the Sil under control.

    I created a template out of paper of only 1/4 of the tarp. I would trace around the template then flip it over for the other side, giving a "mirror" design.

    I cut along my line with a fabric cutter thing; it looks sorta like a pizza cutter.

    200D Oxford from Quest was used for the tie-out reinforcement. I sewed the right sides together with my patch of Oxford facing the opposite direction, then flipped it.

    Then I sewed at 1" intervals starting 1/16" from my "flipped" stitch. This is the inside of the tarp tie-out. I also made my reinforcement patch larger so I could trim right up to the Sil when I was ready to sew the grosgain in.

    Outside of the trimmed reinforcement tie-out.

    Here is the sewing on the 3/4" grosgain, which wrapped around the edge of the whole tarp. I used two rows of stitching for looks and extra strength.

    3 1/8" long nylon webbing strips 3/4" wide were used with 3/4" D-rings, also from Quest Outfitters.

    Triple bar-tacked nylon pull-outs were sewn into the very corner of the reinforcement patch, making sure the pull-out was also connected to the grosgain edge.

    Back of pull-out detail.

    After all this was done I seam-sealed 3 times (couldn't tell if it was working right?) and made fixed-eye loops for the guylines (made of 1.75 mm Utility line, thanks AHE). Then set her up for the first time! Here it is, all finished:

    Mason line prusiks were spliced and a #1 S biner used for my tarp to RL connection.

    Pull-out detail.

    In the stuff-sac next to my Nalgene.

    Final weight with the MSR Needle Stakes (4): 15.06 oz.

    Well there you have it! Hopefully this will inspire someone out there to create a tarp of their own.

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