• Tutorial: Turning a Whoopie into a UCR

    Here's a quick easy way to turn your whoopie slings into a pair of utility constrictor ropes.

    Here's a whoopie sling, spliced to a strap, with a whoopie hook.

    Pull enough out to tie a knot...

    ...and cut

    ... pull it out

    ...cut off the tail


    I've read others having trouble cutting amsteel, I just hold the strands with my thumb, and pull down on the other side. Works great...

    re-splice your hook (if your only using a fixed eye, you can skip the step of pulling out the splice, you can make a fixed eye with one end of the cord, not so easy with hardware though...)

    pull the end back through the constrictor....

    re-backsplice the tail

    Start the safety knot...

    ...finish the safety knot

    backsplice the end (ok I guess now you've finished the knot)

    Here's your finished UCR

    all wrapped up

    Any questions, feel free to ask...
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