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  • OFD Food, LLC. Recalls Beef Products Due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

    Recall on 3.88-oz. pouch of “MOUNTAIN HOUSE FREEZE DRIED SPICY SOUTHWEST BREAKFAST HASH,” with pouch code 3253174 and best by date of Dec. 2046.https://www.fsis.usda.gov/wps/portal...0-2017-release
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    How tight is too tight?

    Easy enough to tie a foot of shock cord into the current primary suspension. Truth told, it would be only one additional knot. That said, I am anal

    MikekiM Today, 19:10 Go to last post
    Starfish Comet

    NC > Yates Hang > 1 2 3 4 November 2018

    @ Tacoma: About 3 weeks longer than I could have had it since I never read my email. As I recall, the estimated delivery was 2 months, but was ready in

    Starfish Comet Today, 19:09 Go to last post

    Not sure what I should be looking for.

    Amazon shopper, eh? Personally, I just don't buy Chinese ENO knockoff hammocks off Amazon. You could argue that the ARAER hammock is an ENO knockoff,

    SilvrSurfr Today, 19:09 Go to last post

    How tight is too tight?

    I doubt it will damage the quilt or the hammock. There is still enough stretch to sit on the edge of the hammock during entry/exit and not feel the UQ

    MikekiM Today, 19:07 Go to last post

    Dream Hammock is now a LoopAlien dealer

    Well perhaps it’s just that Dutch is very good at sourcing materials, which allows him to set competitive prices. I am reminded of a post he made here

    HandyRandy Today, 19:06 Go to last post

    How tight is too tight?

    I had the same problem and was messing around with my EE underquilt today. What worked was a couple of loops of 2mm shock cord at the foot end to provide

    cmoulder Today, 19:05 Go to last post

    Tensa Outdoor and the commercial packable tensahedron stand

    Aw, Shucks. Thanks FJRpilot. It is that kind of sentiment that makes all the work we have been doing worthwhile.

    raftingtigger Today, 18:56 Go to last post

    Dream Hammock is now a LoopAlien dealer

    True enough. The Ti RCA XL is almost twice the price of the Ti RCA. Seems steep for that specific product. OTOH, a pair of Beetle Buckles is priced at

    TominMN Today, 18:54 Go to last post
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