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    We at Hammock Forums have decided not to get our web site involved in any discussions about any of the lawsuits that are going on between hammock vendors.
    The web site was designed to open friendly discussion about hammocks and hammock camping and we intend to do our best to keep it that way.
    This means that any thread or post that refer to the lawsuits will be removed or deleted.
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    1st hang in new Dream Sparrow (under the Milky Way!)

    DH#9897 ordered during the lockdown, symmetrical, 2.2 Hex out, 1.6 HyperD in; overcover, peak shelf, cinch buckles, tie-outs and top pocket. It's as great

    b407driver Today, 23:23 Go to last post

    Tensa Outdoor and the commercial packable tensahedron stand

    I own a Tensa 4. I've tried to set up my rig with a warbonnet superfly using the tarp extenders. I want the tarp higher over the hammock. I could not

    Black Today, 23:00 Go to last post
    Alex MacDonald

    any thoughts on this?

    Thanks! Love the "Occupy Mars" T-shirt by the way. I see I've lost an inch and a half now, being a fossil (almost 72 years old). Was 6-2,

    Alex MacDonald Today, 22:53 Go to last post

    Hello from Central Alabama

    As soon as the weather cools off, I'm headed up there.

    Crafty1 Today, 22:46 Go to last post

    Lesson Learned: Never Work Angry & Always Use a Bead

    Drive two nails into a longish board, separated by the desired length of the dog one. Make first loop as usual. Hook over one nail. Make the other loop

    skater Today, 22:33 Go to last post

    11x6 hex tarp

    That would be a tiny tarp! That's almost as small as the 10'6" x 6'4" ENO ProFly tarp, which is about as close as you can get to using no tarp

    SilvrSurfr Today, 21:52 Go to last post
    Trail Runner

    What's the plural of Fleaz?

    Is it like sheep where it's sheep regardless of the number of sheep? Or is it Fleazes? That's sounds too much like Gollum. Fleazs? That either sounds

    Trail Runner Today, 21:31 Go to last post
    Double E

    Lesson Learned: Never Work Angry & Always Use a Bead

    Ouch, I hate it when that happens...

    Double E Today, 21:22 Go to last post
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