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  • Clark Hammock Company purchased by Dutchware

    We wanted to be let everyone know that Dutchware has purchased Clark Hammock Company. We have move the Clark Jungle Hammock forum into a sub forum under the Dutchware forums.
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    Warbonnet Thunderfly

    I would prefer the burnt orange. Wasn't an option when I got mine! Looks good!

    WesArnold Today, 07:30 Go to last post

    Warbonnet Thunderfly

    After trying all....I stick with and prefer the split ridgline for simplicity. Always works. Easy enough to center the tarp.
    Good luck in your ridgline

    Shug Today, 06:59 Go to last post

    waterproof UQ Protecter

    I have one made by Dutch... lightweight and works perfect. As Shug said, easy enough to make.

    Sent from my motorola one 5G ace using Tapatalk

    BuckeyeFan Today, 06:21 Go to last post

    waterproof UQ Protecter

    Waterproof won't breathe as well. Could add some condensation on the inside against UQ. Dutchware sells ones made of Argon. Water repellant.

    Shug Today, 06:10 Go to last post

    Dyneema composite tarp and guylines

    Prussic knots hold better using a smaller diameter line for the prussic or more wraps.

    BUT, a better option is using NAMA Claws in place

    Countrybois Today, 06:08 Go to last post

    waterproof UQ Protecter

    Does anyone make one? very light weight one i mean?

    Crawldaddy Today, 06:00 Go to last post

    One tree hang help - anchors

    That's correct. If I were to start at one end it goes from the first stake through the shackle on the end of the guyline, then down to the shackle that

    LowTech Yesterday, 22:24 Go to last post

    Memorial Day Sale

    That is very good advice. So far I have bought each tarp in a different color - but I'm close to running out in the stealthy colors that I prefer. Unfortunately

    Pavel Yesterday, 22:07 Go to last post
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