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    by Published on 06-26-2019 08:19

    We wanted you to be among the first to know that Clark Hammock Company will be closing in the coming months after 23 years serving you.

    Why are we closing?
    Gary Clark is retiring. He has overseen the production of every hammock we have made since he invented the modern camping hammock in 1967.

    When will be the last time I can order an authentic Clark hammock?
    Get a 20% discount on remaining hammocks by pre-ordering with code "preorder". Pre-ordered hammocks will be reserved for you and arrive in 3-8 weeks. Pre-orders must be made before Monday July 1. After that date, many items will be very limited or out of stock. Items ordered without the discount code will ship immediately.

    What about Parts and Accessories?
    Like our hammocks, the supply of accessories and parts is limited. You will want to order as soon as possible if you need poles, tarps, Z-Liner underquilts, and suspension items.

    It has been a good run, and we are pleased with what we've contributed to the outdoor industry, especially since we started junglehammock.com in 1997. We have been very proud of the hammocks we have delivered to you over the years. They are made the right way, and we hope you enjoy these products for years to come.

    Please contact us at [email protected] with any other questions.


    Clark Hammock Company www.junglehammock.com
    Published on 03-27-2019 18:31

    We at Hammock Forums have decided not to get our web site involved in any discussions about any of the lawsuits that are going on between hammock vendors.
    The web site was designed to open friendly discussion about hammocks and hammock camping and we intend to do our best to keep it that way.
    This means that any thread or post that refer to the lawsuits will be removed or deleted.

    Hammock Forums Terms of Service

    In October 2006, HammockForums.net was created from whiteblaze.net to be the go-to source for hammock information. HF has always taken pride in its helpfulness, friendliness, innovation, and overall positive attitude. To continue in this tradition, we’ve created the following rules for participation here.
    Published on 06-17-2017 12:59

    Recall on 3.88-oz. pouch of “MOUNTAIN HOUSE FREEZE DRIED SPICY SOUTHWEST BREAKFAST HASH,” with pouch code 3253174 and best by date of Dec. 2046.https://www.fsis.usda.gov/wps/portal...0-2017-release

    Hammock Forums is a family friendly site. This means that our topics, language and treatment of each other are what you'd want your kids to see. We're not a bunch of prudes...we just think that the internet has enough places where that behavior is tolerated, and this particular site shouldn't be one of them. This is a great community where the norm is to support others in their ideas and projects, and not assume offense where none is intended...and therefore not to flame, call names, or create friction in our threads. Respectful disagreement is ok; disrespectful comments are not.

    Please participate in accordance with these guidelines, and PM the mods with any questions.

    Just a friendly reminder of HF's Terms of Service re: discussing religion and politics on this forum. It's not allowed.

    I thought a reminder would help us stay focused. Applying the TOS to the holidays, it's ok to wish folks Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa or whatever...but discussions about the religious aspects of the holidays will be removed. We're here to discuss hammocks, so if you have strong feelings about religion and the holidays, please find another forum to discuss them.

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