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    Fulcrum stand

    Yup, packable on a bike is a must for me personally. Re pricing, it's always going to be tough to beat DIY pricing on heavier/bulkier implementations,

    Latherdome Today, 01:14 Go to last post

    EGL Fall Hang 2017 - "Algonquin's Dividing to Parkside Jaunt"

    Me too. Did he make it out alive? you be funny

    I was really sorry to miss this trip. Well maybe not the portaging part

    Bluknu Today, 01:07 Go to last post

    Fulcrum stand

    As mentioned elsewhere I haven't yet determined what it will cost or weigh to cover all cases. If you don't care much about low weight it should be fairly

    Latherdome Today, 01:02 Go to last post

    Winter dream finally ordered.

    Kind of in the same boat but a bit different(?). I just got my Winter Haven tarp from SLD (LOVE it!) and placed an order for UQ/TQ from UGQ on 10/14.

    mirrorslap Today, 00:58 Go to last post

    Fulcrum stand

    Pretty certain it will work fine with tarps as long as any tarp support member higher than the apexes isn't connected in a way that imparts bending moment

    Latherdome Today, 00:56 Go to last post

    Fulcrum stand

    Story: I stumbled on that. I thought that I needed a ridge pole like the turtlelady/dog stands. My first assembly had a ridge pole. I figured it would

    Latherdome Today, 00:54 Go to last post

    Algonquin September 18-22 Brian's first...everything!

    Bacon is always delicious any way you serve it. I think the real question is how did those bacony infused branches taste. Just kidding. We didn't

    Bluknu Today, 00:52 Go to last post

    Fulcrum stand

    I'm focused first on the lightest most compact version that can reliably support say 400lbs in an 11' hammock (and tarp). At this point I don't know what

    Latherdome Today, 00:47 Go to last post
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