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    DIY Ripstop hammock question

    If you're using uncalendered fabric, both sides will be the same, so it doesn't matter. If using calendered, it's really up to you. Make the decision

    ripstopbytheroll Today, 13:17 Go to last post

    Quickly Swapping Tree Straps

    I just use one set of tree straps, about 6 or 7 feet long. Then I attach my whoopie to a marlin spike hitch on the tree hugger. Length of the tree hugger

    WanderingBob Today, 13:15 Go to last post

    Brother XR3140 at Costco

    I was in Costco this weekend and saw they had a Brother XR3140 on sale for $150. On first glance, it looks like it has all of the features I want in a

    WaffleBox Today, 13:13 Go to last post

    Comfortable camping hammock?

    I think you will be happy with the XLC. Setting up any hammock a few times and getting the hang dialed in makes a big difference. If you happen to be

    JMBdevotee Today, 13:12 Go to last post

    Knot School Dropout!

    If you get your XLC with straps, you'll have a wide range of adjustment but it won't be the absolute lightest. There's always the opportunity to swap

    TominMN Today, 13:09 Go to last post

    Bug nets

    I deploy mine if the bugs are bothering me. I prefer to set up as little as possible... no rain means no rain fly, no bugs means no bug net... and the

    WanderingBob Today, 13:08 Go to last post

    DIY Ripstop hammock question

    Kind of a noob question but when making a hammock from ripstop nylon which side of the fabric should be against your body while you are laying in it?

    Bobskywalker Today, 13:06 Go to last post

    Knot School Dropout!

    The only knots I use are a larkshead, a marlin spike hitch, and a slippery half hitch. I suppose you could toss prusiks in there, but it's not really

    SilvrSurfr Today, 12:59 Go to last post
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