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    Down Migration

    +1 on what gadget said ,try that ,failing that pics are more helpful to see if there is something more obvious going on with your set up ?

    paulw Today, 20:05 Go to last post

    Bug net

    I'll take it! PM your paypal.

    Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk

    rick417 Today, 20:03 Go to last post

    Wookie & Incubator

    Splitting hairs here, but is the incubator exactly 21oz? Going off the specs on site 20.25+1oz over stuff+.9 for 90Argon is 22.15. Is 21oz with stuff

    CBX133 Today, 20:01 Go to last post

    My new Ariel bridge hammock first hang

    Great job! I'm looking forward to hearing about your first night...

    FJRpilot Today, 19:59 Go to last post

    rain fly ?

    thanks goat appreciate it

    rightwingnut12 Today, 19:55 Go to last post
    Billy Goat

    rain fly ?

    Stuff it.

    the Goat

    Billy Goat Today, 19:51 Go to last post

    Great deal on tarps!

    So, as the title says, awesome tarp sale happening @ UGQ.

    Thank you Paul and Missy!
    After meeting you and seeing your tarps in person

    TheYoda Today, 19:50 Go to last post

    rain fly ?

    i'm new at hammock camping and just bought a hennesy hex fly and was wondering how to put it back in stuff sack fold it or stuff it

    rightwingnut12 Today, 19:50 Go to last post
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