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    thinking a new hammock suggestions need.

    Howdy yall been a while, im thinking of getting a new hammock due to the stiching on my eno is starting to stretch and starting to "give" and

    bigboymike Today, 03:14 Go to last post

    Tapatalk ads on HF

    What other forums do you frequent?

    He's using the Firefox for Android browser.
    In mobile mode he gets the ad, but the close

    GadgetUK437 Today, 02:56 Go to last post

    Door snaps on winter tarp

    I love the snaps on my UGQ winterdream and they mean I don’t always have to stake out the doors if I set it up with them snapped closed!

    Coldcityely Today, 02:50 Go to last post

    How to freeze in the woods

    I agree with that. I have a Petzl Actik Core, which has a rechargeable lithium battery. Alternatively, it can also be operated with ordinary AAA batteries,

    echinotrix Today, 02:38 Go to last post

    How to freeze in the woods

    I've been out five times since then. It's just too beautiful in the woods in winter to not be there.

    Because I know what my mistakes were,

    echinotrix Today, 02:26 Go to last post

    New guy

    Hello! Welcome from So Cal!

    Nedh84 Today, 02:09 Go to last post

    Howdy From CA

    A hammock is one of the best DIY projects you can start with! Feel free to shoot me any questions if I can help. Happy hanging and welcome to the forums!

    Nedh84 Today, 02:09 Go to last post

    Introducing Cord Claws

    Just ordered 2 to test with.

    McBlaster Today, 01:58 Go to last post
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