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    Kelly Noah's Tarp 12 on Amazon $30

    Careful ! Three times I've ordered stuff with that 1-2 month shipping deal from Amazon and twice I never received the product! Granted I did get my money

    SoaknWet Today, 12:11 Go to last post

    Buckle Rings Driving Me Crazy

    using a stick to push them up is a fun idea... didnt think about that.... but i cant really do that thing with the line of my tarp :/

    micks Today, 12:10 Go to last post

    The TurtleDog stand

    Good idea to increase the triangle footprint of the tripod. But don't put the stake at the foot of the back leg, that is the weakest place to use it.

    GadgetUK437 Today, 12:10 Go to last post

    Kelly Noah's Tarp 12 on Amazon $30

    $30!!! I was happy with my $52, then I saw them in the $40s. At $30 it doesn't matter if you only use it once ever few years!

    I love the

    markr6 Today, 12:08 Go to last post

    Kelly Noah's Tarp 12 on Amazon $30

    Thanks. I just hopped in on one. I could always use another Noah 12, and if its different than my old one, even better. It will be a nice surprise in

    TheMushroom Today, 12:06 Go to last post

    How cold is "TOO COLD" to hang?

    That -40 still amazes me. I've been down to -5 and the wind was pretty steady. I thought the main material on my Osprey pack was literally going to

    markr6 Today, 12:03 Go to last post

    Buckle Rings Driving Me Crazy

    +1 on using a stick to push the straps higher on the tree. Be aware that suspension angles lower than 30 degrees will amplify the forces being exerted

    jcksparow Today, 12:02 Go to last post

    How cold is "TOO COLD" to hang?

    My personal "best" low temp was 8 degrees this past winter with 0 degree quilts. I was very comfy with only a synthetic blend t shirt and long

    JmBoh Today, 11:56 Go to last post
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