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    Benson Burner

    Hammock fabric, Too Slippery? Whaaa

    Hey I'm not sure what kind of fabric it is, But I know this it is super slippery. Now not saying that that is bad, Biut I am wondering is there fabric

    Benson Burner Today, 19:32 Go to last post

    Question on SilPoly and Cat Cuts

    agree that cat-cuts make for a tauter tarp, but I am still a little hesitant about sewing the cat-cuts until I get a good bit of practice with the narrow

    Scouter_Ken Today, 19:27 Go to last post

    ND / SD: Roadtrip planning TedRoosevelt and Black Hills

    Hi, planning more legs of my upcoming road trip to and from Glacier NP in Sept. I've researched some tips and info from previous threads here, but wanted

    ferret Today, 19:21 Go to last post

    Winter cover vent addition

    We've been down this road before. Donna doesn't want to cut Brandon's work and Brandon is not interested in doing custom work. I do still love my Warbonnet

    GreatBigDave Today, 19:19 Go to last post

    What do you use for your MSH toggle?

    Got more carbon fiber and with dyneema fishing line these toggles were about 2grams!!! My scale had a hard time measuring though. Slept two nights with

    curlymaple42 Today, 19:13 Go to last post

    Wooki setup ?

    These are not the gaps you're looking for.
    As long as there's down where the hammock stretches, you'll be warm.
    Your mate is surprisingly

    GreatBigDave Today, 19:03 Go to last post

    Wooki setup ?

    Looks fine. Maybe align the left shoulder side a bit more. There will be gaps in areas that don't have the pressure of body weight. It doesn't affect

    Kroma Today, 18:56 Go to last post

    Saturday hang

    Only one way to find out and that's to just do it.

    My sister informed me there is excellent ice cream across the river in Yardley. Her idea

    Ratdog Today, 18:53 Go to last post
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