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    What does your HF Screen-name mean?

    Looks like it took off and is doing well.

    My screen name is Patch. My call sign in the military was Patch. I wore a patch on my flight

    Patch Today, 22:45 Go to last post

    returned my hennessy!

    Welcome to HF! Your list of features make sense and probably can be purchased in a number of combos from a number of vendors except for, in my opinion,

    Watertooner Today, 22:44 Go to last post
    Grey Mouse

    Pulling Quilt Over Your Head

    As I stated in my earlier post on this thread I have an extra long TQ so that when I am on the ground I can cover my head and exhale away from the sleeping

    Grey Mouse Today, 22:34 Go to last post

    Broken Guy Lines??

    Micro cord with a loop made with a tautline hitch at the tarp end, stake end secured with a MSH.

    Plenty of adjustability, zero bling, works

    cmoulder Today, 22:34 Go to last post

    Heavy Duty setup

    Yes, easily, especially if it's from a cottage vendor like Dutchware / Warbonnet / etc

    Check out the F/S/T forums on here for proof

    fsupaintball Today, 22:32 Go to last post

    returned my hennessy!

    Why would you ever carry a rain fly with a hammock and tarp?

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    mo_hunter Today, 22:28 Go to last post

    Best UQ for BlackBird XLC?

    I purchased my Warbonnet system before the Scandinavian wooki was created. To sleep comfortably at -15 (my coldest hang so far), I stacked a Winter wooki

    Watertooner Today, 22:28 Go to last post

    South GA I75 area...help

    Looking for a place to hang for a night in southern Ga off of Interstate 75. We will be thru next weekend!

    Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk

    Smckinney0031 Today, 22:26 Go to last post
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