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    My DIY SPE completed.

    Nice job!

    I have one of these too. Mine was made years ago by Ed Speer. I hope you like yours!

    I used mine once or twice.

    blackbishop351 Today, 07:14 Go to last post

    Guy lines on the tarp or stake?


    Yes, this does make sense, thank you. I'm pretty positive that's the setup I have now... I'm not at home, so I can't

    souperjen24 Today, 07:12 Go to last post

    Hey Everyone!

    Dutch was going to add the Beetle Bugs (NOT the same thing as the Cinch bug) to his site after the kick-started ended for his new Chameleon hammock.

    Hangs4Fun Today, 07:07 Go to last post

    Hey Everyone!

    If you use the new Dutch beetle bug for your suspension attachment/adjustment, it supports the use of a "spreader bar". That allows you to

    Hangs4Fun Today, 07:02 Go to last post

    Too cold!

    Not sure about your quilts but many 40* quilts are sewn through rather than baffled construction. That makes them more affected by wind. Using an underquilt

    grubbster Today, 07:01 Go to last post

    Build along tacblades flex tarp

    So far full winter square cut tarp 13ft ridge line (no cat cuts) many tieouts in pu4000 silpoly is about

    516g 18.2oz

    Happy with

    Tacblades Today, 07:00 Go to last post
    soul embrace

    Can't make up my mind...

    Oh sweet. Did not know that may have to do that with my dangerbird but add a net to it

    soul embrace Today, 06:57 Go to last post

    Can't make up my mind...

    I know the feeling, it's hard to decide. I moved away from the Thunderbird and Dangerbird because the vent is extra on the cover, and I really wanted

    Peppy Today, 06:55 Go to last post
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