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    Tensahedron Stand

    Thanks for being the guinea pig & posting your results! I'm glad no one was harmed

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    muledog19 Today, 19:07 Go to last post

    What is this spider?

    So I was at a campground today and almost literally put my hand on this guy. He (she?) was huge. Counting legs outstretched it was the size of my palm.

    Smckinney0031 Today, 19:07 Go to last post

    UQ Protector--Ridgerunner

    I almost went with black. Like I said I wanted to add a little color to my earthy Warbonnet palette.

    drsolarmolar Today, 19:04 Go to last post

    Tensahedron Stand

    So I gave the garden stakes a try.

    They seemed pretty stiff until I had the structure built and all the sudden everything

    DiceCaller Today, 18:58 Go to last post

    rainy afternoon

    Looks like the perfect thing to do!

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    Smckinney0031 Today, 18:46 Go to last post

    Anyone have the new warbonnet colors?

    Nice!!! I was set on the orange but now I'm rethinking the blue. Love that blue.

    novasquid Today, 18:13 Go to last post

    Anyone have the new warbonnet colors?

    Here's mine in blue. My wife and kids got it for me as an early birthday present. Hung out in it last night and it was the best sleep I've ever

    HardWay Today, 17:38 Go to last post

    rainy afternoon

    My name (though not handle) is J Young too, so every time i see your posts I do a double take

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

    jdy98p Today, 17:32 Go to last post
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