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    Andy "Bull" Bullock


    I prefer Def Leppard posters and my pet monkey. [emoji12]

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    Andy "Bull" Bullock Today, 15:38 Go to last post


    I just finished a down underquilt from costco, and it's really great for spring hanging! really keeps a lot of the wind and the cold out and i'm really

    bubbamancub13 Today, 15:37 Go to last post

    Square tarp

    Is a basic square or rectangle tarp any good? are there any good configurations that could work with a hammock

    bubbamancub13 Today, 15:36 Go to last post

    Chameleons in the Wild: The Picture Thread

    I use anti-calf ridge technology.

    Dutch Today, 15:36 Go to last post


    So what does everybody generally hang on their ridgeline? what is the best use of that overhead space?

    bubbamancub13 Today, 15:35 Go to last post

    New HG Econ Quilts

    I agree with what you've stated. I don't want my post to be misconstrued. I was writing from the standpoint of someone with limited funds- I probably

    rweb82 Today, 15:33 Go to last post

    WB stash jacket

    I would say it is comparable to any good quality DWR quilt or sleeping bag fabric as far as water resistance goes. SO it should shed light rain but heavy

    warbonnetguy Today, 15:30 Go to last post

    A week on the Georgia AT!

    Not completely true. You can store in your album here on the forum and link directly from there. This thread may offer some other cool bit and bobs to

    DaddyDaddy Today, 15:29 Go to last post
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