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    Tentsile tree tent

    I'm no mathematician, but I'll take a stab at this one. I would think you could skip the ratchet, but you should probably stick with webbing that is rated

    Foxpoop Today, 12:46 Go to last post

    Convince me why I need a Chameleon.

    Foxpoop nailed it. I also like trying new things because you never know what you're missing. I don't have a chameleon, but I feel like one of the best

    markr6 Today, 12:46 Go to last post


    My package want supposed to be here until Friday according to tracking, but it arrived today!!!! Gotta clean off the workbench for some thread injection

    curlymaple42 Today, 12:42 Go to last post

    Tentsile flying tents

    Talk to Mogollon Monster, he uses one all the time for his family. He can answer any question you have about it...

    FJRpilot Today, 12:42 Go to last post

    Convince me why I need a Chameleon.

    If you get good sleep in your current setup why do you want to be convinced to change? At the end of the day isn't it about comfort? Of course if you,

    Kroma Today, 12:39 Go to last post

    VIDEO: Hexon 1.0 Vs. Hexon 1.6 Comparison/Sag Test

    Thanks for sharing that! I will probably end up getting a 1.0 as my next hammock! .... Now, I just got get one of my friends to buy my other one :P

    brazilianguy Today, 12:36 Go to last post

    Anyone try Loopie Slings?

    7/64" Amsteel is incredible stuff. I usually do an 8-10" bury and never ever had an issue. Always finish the ends for a nice look, easier handling,

    hammer0419 Today, 12:35 Go to last post

    Convince me why I need a Chameleon.

    First of all, welcome to HF. I don't own a Chameleon, but I do have about 20 hammocks. I just like trying different setups. It's a fairly inexpensive

    Foxpoop Today, 12:35 Go to last post
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