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    US Tree Density Map

    You NoDaks have it better than I ever imagined!

    oldgringo Today, 04:33 Go to last post

    Tato Gear Hammock Stand - Brand New

    Can't you just send it back to Dutch ?

    Rouskof Today, 04:27 Go to last post

    Rain Noise Test

    The CF is definitely more bulky than other materials. I canít fit as much in my mesh pocket when Iím carrying it, but it weighs nothing and I like that!

    muzzo909 Today, 04:21 Go to last post

    Rain Noise Test

    Yeah the CF definitely letís in more light, but I never found that to be an issue. It just tells me to get up! Lol. Thanks for the comment!

    muzzo909 Today, 04:16 Go to last post

    Rain Noise Test

    [QUOTE=gunner76;1838906]I have a couple of cuben fiber tarps from Hammock Gear. Love them

    Love mine as well!! My favorite piece of gear!

    muzzo909 Today, 04:10 Go to last post

    Rain Noise Test

    One of the joys of aging gracefully! Thanks for the comment!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    muzzo909 Today, 04:08 Go to last post

    Rain Noise Test

    I think that CF has gotten the reputation for being ďlouderĒ because of the difference in tone. Maybe that ďpingĒ sound is annoying to some, or maybe

    muzzo909 Today, 04:05 Go to last post

    Rain Noise Test

    [QUOTE=gunner76;1838945]at low level rain...need to redo test under different rain conditions.

    Iíll try and do a Part 2 when the next storm

    muzzo909 Today, 03:58 Go to last post
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