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    FL, March 2017, Hike thru Richloam North Section of FT

    Looking like 7 so far, but I suspect Grinder will be there sooner or later! Hoping maybe a couple more. Looks like March 25 weekend fits best so far!

    O-Boy Today, 07:48 Go to last post

    Women-Speciifc Sub forum?

    Well, look, Whiteblaze has a separate forum, and we're a derivative of that place. One could argue it makes more sense that WB would have that separate

    dakotaross Today, 07:44 Go to last post

    Women-Speciifc Sub forum?

    Can you help me understand?

    It might be a matter of perspective, but aside from "guy-lines" (which are not hammock specific as

    MacCherokee Today, 07:39 Go to last post

    Guy lines on the tarp or stake?

    You're welcome, watertooner! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a question like this. It seems that everyone around here is so sure of things,

    souperjen24 Today, 07:35 Go to last post

    Too cold!

    Yeah, many of us have spent some cold nights at temps above where our quilts were rated. Wind is normally the culprit. Some of it is climbing into the

    dakotaross Today, 07:31 Go to last post

    6th Annual Sherpa Hang

    Awesome pics! Looks like it was a great weekend. Thanks for sharing. This hang is going on my calendar for next year!

    g2outdoors Today, 07:21 Go to last post

    "BIGTHANKS" on Amazon

    Was a one-day sale. I caught it, for something I was going to buy anyway. Score.

    Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk

    jane.cassidy Today, 07:18 Go to last post

    My DIY SPE completed.

    Nice job!

    I have one of these too. Mine was made years ago by Ed Speer. I hope you like yours!

    I used mine once or twice.

    blackbishop351 Today, 07:14 Go to last post
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