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    mountain wanderer

    VIDEO: Rainy Trip in the Cascades

    Excellent! Making someone want to get out there is one of the reasons I posts these. Thanks for watching!

    Thank you! That bridge

    mountain wanderer Today, 06:34 Go to last post

    A few questions for new Raven owners...

    I am really liking the design of the Raven. I've wanted a DH for a while, originally thought the Darien was best for me, but the modular design, mid-closing

    MikekiM Today, 06:17 Go to last post

    Funky UQ odor

    My goose and duck down products smell a lot different. Might be for any reason, some say its due to non sufficient process, some say its just a duck,

    kardinal_emilus Today, 04:21 Go to last post

    Funky UQ odor

    I don't think there's a difference with regards to smell between duck and goose down. My smelly underquilt is filled with goose down. And over the years,

    hutzelbein Today, 04:01 Go to last post

    Sipsey Recommendations

    This trip is mostly to get a couple of new fathers into the woods before their kids are born this summer. So the group decided they were more interested

    tlfillingim Today, 03:26 Go to last post

    Tarp pull outs?

    Depends on the tarp size. Narrow tarps i.e. "summer tarps" don't need them. With wider tarps they're handy. I only use them when there is a

    hutzelbein Today, 03:19 Go to last post

    The soon-to-be-named webbing friction lock/adjuster

    I like certian grades of stai less steel but i like life support rating standards.
    Basically 10x weight is what is used for rescue and climbing.

    jadekayak Today, 03:18 Go to last post

    Wooki setup ?

    Forget what it looks like. As long as it's warm, nothing is wrong. I know it's difficult to ignore the look when you are used to a traditional underquilt.

    hutzelbein Today, 03:15 Go to last post
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