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    Bug net woes... what did I do wrong?

    I think you might need to have a wider fabric, or sew more along the bottom to wrap around you. I made a fronky style bug net because I didn't like the

    arcana73 Today, 22:24 Go to last post

    TATO Gear Stand Experiences

    My thoughts exactly. Hence, my question about the full set-up vs the parts kit requiring 1 inch conduit.

    BigSky! Today, 22:23 Go to last post

    I've stopped sleeping in bed

    About a year for me. Back pain is gone. Beds are for suckers!

    Troutpimp Today, 22:20 Go to last post

    Audio clipping on HYOH podcast

    On a couple, like the First 40 Miles episode, it sounded like the recording was sped up. Or it could just be everyone just talks to fast for my ears.

    arcana73 Today, 22:04 Go to last post

    NJ - Pine Barrens Aug 26-27

    Wish I could make it. My kids are coming in from Denver and Boston to spend the weekend. Then we're hosting a block party Friday night.


    SilvrSurfr Today, 22:03 Go to last post

    What does your HF Screen-name mean?

    I work in the aviation field and am hoping to get my pilots license current again one of these days. So my name is from the fuel of choice for the aircraft

    100LL Today, 22:02 Go to last post

    Hello from IA!

    Been hanging for about a year now. Sadly I think I will soon be taking a hiatus and getting back to the ground for a while until my son is a little older.

    100LL Today, 21:59 Go to last post

    I've stopped sleeping in bed

    I am on night 3. Best sleep I've had since my last camping trip. Wife isn't trilled either, but her back bothers her in the bed, so she understands.

    Mark8408 Today, 21:58 Go to last post
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