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    Ideal underquilt length and positioning

    The (one of) silver lining to being new and getting quality gear is that if it isn't optimal you can sell it on the forum for close to retail. Nobody

    Otter1 Today, 10:35 Go to last post

    Bows in camp

    Agree with the people about the AT and places like that being weird. I did a weekend on the AT near here. First person I saw in the morning the 2nd

    durunner Today, 10:33 Go to last post

    Bows in camp

    Depends on where and if there were alcohol present. I used to camp in the boonies outside Seattle and it was common to have people shooting rifles, pistols,

    AdventureMyk Today, 10:33 Go to last post

    Ideal underquilt length and positioning

    Likewise; being that I'm only 5'8", I made a DIY 6' UQ. This is more than enough to insulate from the bottoms of my feet to past the top of my head.

    cmw6300 Today, 10:29 Go to last post

    Bows in camp

    It depends on the group you're camping with, if it's a hunting crowd it'd be great but if it's just a group of people out enjoying the outdoors I'd say

    SoaknWet Today, 10:26 Go to last post

    Top quilt or under quilt which is more important to keeping warm

    I would definitely get the underquilt first, then the top quilt later. I was in the same spot you are in. And when my wife started hanging with me I got

    Maytag Today, 10:24 Go to last post

    Bows in camp

    I'd say you need to know your crowd (IOW the people who typically frequent the areas you like to camp in).

    For instance, camping in a remote

    johnspenn Today, 10:10 Go to last post

    Ideal underquilt length and positioning

    I started with a full length and it was just so easy to set up and it always worked. I blame getting a 3/4 on wanting to reduce bulk, weight and just

    markr6 Today, 10:10 Go to last post
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