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    Comfortable camping hammock?

    I think you will be happy with the XLC. Setting up any hammock a few times and getting the hang dialed in makes a big difference. If you happen to be

    JMBdevotee Today, 13:12 Go to last post

    Knot School Dropout!

    If you get your XLC with straps, you'll have a wide range of adjustment but it won't be the absolute lightest. There's always the opportunity to swap

    TominMN Today, 13:09 Go to last post

    Bug nets

    I deploy mine if the bugs are bothering me. I prefer to set up as little as possible... no rain means no rain fly, no bugs means no bug net... and the

    WanderingBob Today, 13:08 Go to last post

    DIY Ripstop hammock question

    Kind of a noob question but when making a hammock from ripstop nylon which side of the fabric should be against your body while you are laying in it?

    Bobskywalker Today, 13:06 Go to last post

    Knot School Dropout!

    The only knots I use are a larkshead, a marlin spike hitch, and a slippery half hitch. I suppose you could toss prusiks in there, but it's not really

    SilvrSurfr Today, 12:59 Go to last post

    Close call

    Had a big bull almost step in our canoe on the Allagash years ago. Totally focused on the cow across the river.

    TominMN Today, 12:50 Go to last post

    WBBB/continuous loop query

    I'd go 5' with a Dutch Clip. The WS (or the lead if SHs work out) can make up the gap if the hugger doesn't reach, as Dutch has shown. I like an adjustable

    TominMN Today, 12:46 Go to last post

    Jack's first hatchet, new cook kit, hanging and relaxing

    Great post. That last photo of you and your boy in the hammock is priceless!

    LuvmyBonnet Today, 12:38 Go to last post
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