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    Funky UQ odor

    The reason you notice that wet dog smell is that after down is cleaned it is treated with the same deodorizer that dog groomers use. It's usually because

    georgecarr Today, 09:03 Go to last post

    Budget series Summer series quilts

    Ordered a set of budget summer quilts Sunday night at 6; got the shipped notice Tuesday at 4 PM; delivery due this Thursday. 4 days start to finish -

    roaringplains Today, 09:03 Go to last post

    Which fabric for tarps and hammocks

    For a tarp you want silnylon or silpoly (silicon impregnated fabric) 30 to 40 denier, 1.3 to 2.2 ounce per square yard. (convert to metric).

    MAD777 Today, 08:58 Go to last post

    How well does parachute material work for a hammock?

    I have some nylon (?) panels from an old chute I was going to use for another project but I think I'd rather turn them into a hammock. I have no idea

    BigBill Today, 08:57 Go to last post

    Funky UQ odor

    Hahaha that would be an awesome discount quilt idea. "Freshly plucked butt feathers that stay together and share their fragrance forever!"

    hollabi Today, 08:57 Go to last post

    summer underquilt - full length

    Underquilt. wherever the hammock touched the bugnet was where I got bit, through both bugnet and hammock. If I had the underquilt, I don't think the

    MrGhoti Today, 08:56 Go to last post

    Funky UQ odor

    Mine get that way when I get really damp. I actually use it as an indicator for when I'll start to lose insulating warmth.

    Wanderlost Today, 08:49 Go to last post

    Funky UQ odor

    That would be a perfect description of the smell, couldnt think of the right adjectives to use though. A non scented dryer sheet with mine on lowest

    curious1 Today, 08:43 Go to last post
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