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    Adding junk to your tarp?

    Well, I personally just have 1.25mm line for my RL and all tie outs for my cuben fiber tarp. I splurged and use about 6ft of 3/32nds shock cord and hooks

    MattK Today, 14:32 Go to last post

    New Stuff Sacks!

    We are pleased to announce our newly designed Stuff Sacks for your Hammock Gear Quilts! Check out the link for details. All new orders shipped tomorrow

    Grisnakh Today, 14:32 Go to last post
    Flower Girl

    AL & Sipsey Wilderness/Bankhead Forest Group Hang Planning Thread

    Yeah that's what I saw. I have to say warmer would be better if I'm getting my feet wet but it might be something that I just have to deal with.

    Flower Girl Today, 14:31 Go to last post

    Massdrop top quilt

    If anybody orders one I hope they don't need it until this fall as they don't ship until April 25th.

    bradym77 Today, 14:28 Go to last post

    Robic 1.0 Replacement?

    Due to a number of colors being out of stock, I emailed asking if it was being discontinued. They confirmed that to be the case. I'm hoping someone close

    HoosierT Today, 14:27 Go to last post

    My planed Hammocksetup for my AT Hike

    there are 20 degree quilts on the cumulus Homepage as well. You can order also costumized. The quilts are build for 1,85 Meter and taller. I sure can

    RuneBerzerk Today, 14:24 Go to last post

    New tarp tensioner tie out

    Use it on the tarp end. The advantage is you can reach or from under the tarp and adjust the tension by sliding the prussic.

    Sent from my

    MAD777 Today, 14:13 Go to last post
    Trail Runner

    Adding junk to your tarp?

    I don't know how I manage all that extra weight.

    1 Dutch Hook = 0.40g
    1 Dutch Wasp = 2.25g
    6 Dutch Fleaz = 5.88g

    Trail Runner Today, 14:12 Go to last post
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