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    Does permethrin harm hammock fabrics?

    all of my hammocks get a soak at the beginning of the season...

    MikekiM Today, 06:11 Go to last post

    Boxed or Draw-Cord TQ Footbox

    I offer a third solution: just use a longer zipper and have it go around the footbox. In my opinion this is the best of both worlds. You get the versatility

    hutzelbein Today, 06:03 Go to last post

    Does permethrin harm hammock fabrics?

    Never had an issue using it on my gear and usually do two treatments for the summer hiking season. Lots of threads on HF about what to treat and how.

    michigandave Today, 05:49 Go to last post

    Quest for Ultra Lite Hammock System

    If you are looking for a lightweight set-up, the Ninox is the last hammock you want. It is a pretty heavy hammock, and contrary to all the marketing blabla

    hutzelbein Today, 05:26 Go to last post

    Ridge line

    There is no magic way. You simply try out different lengths, preferably over night, and stick with the one that feels most comfortable to you. I know

    hutzelbein Today, 04:45 Go to last post

    Quest for Ultra Lite Hammock System

    The search for lightweight and modular systems inspires me too. Thats why I designed the Cross Hammock which you can use as a hiker, biker or kayaker.

    doman Today, 04:22 Go to last post

    Chameleon and pad question

    Thanks for your answer @fullcount. The winter tarp I designed for the Cross Hammock protects the whole setup very well against heavy wind and rain. I

    doman Today, 02:50 Go to last post

    Gate Code 4792

    **** Attention if you are coming Real Late or Real Early "EARLY" lol (Sorry can't help my Shug/Hickery addiction) *****

    Mooseman Today, 00:37 Go to last post
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