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    Symetrical UQ vs Dedicated lay?

    I believe simply light designs makes a synthetic one.

    I've seen the wookie on a chameleon but not a wide.... you'd only lay as wide of an

    CLSR--000 Today, 13:15 Go to last post

    Symetrical UQ vs Dedicated lay?

    I have 2 HG Econ Incubator's. I like them very much but am going to upgrade my 20* to a 10D or 7D UQ in the near future. I am considering a Premium incubator

    mcimes Today, 13:11 Go to last post

    Bear attacks girl in hammock

    That's what I was thinking. The blue chap stick, sort of a vanilla? Sometimes I just wanna take a bite myself.

    OneClick Today, 13:09 Go to last post

    Bear attacks girl in hammock

    I was hanging in the cosby campground this weekend. Always good to remember that you can do everything right and still face danger. Sad for the bears.

    23steps Today, 13:04 Go to last post

    DYI Tensahedron Hammock Stand

    Yes. The Amsteel loop is the same thing as “around one pole.” It won’t rest on the pole, but slide down to the connector loop, loading both poles equally.

    Latherdome Today, 12:53 Go to last post

    DYI Tensahedron Hammock Stand

    Just to clarify for my (sometimes) simple mind.

    I can loop my strap or CL loop around
    - one pole, either is fine
    - the amstel

    Tpatter Today, 12:36 Go to last post

    Greetings from Sweden

    Welcome! Your gear exploits probably mirror a lot of the people here, including mine. Wonderful country you have to explore there. My extended family

    Crazytown3 Today, 11:59 Go to last post

    Comfort Bridge Mk II

    I have been having a lot of fun with DIY gear and have completed a new gear set (tarp/UQs,TQs,GE hammock) and it all worked great. Soooo .... looking

    Cruiser51 Today, 11:54 Go to last post
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