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    a better treestrap

    for reference, the tree distance for the pictures above was 6-7m (estimated), or about 18ft, and the height of the straps on the trees about 2m or 6ft

    nanok Today, 06:25 Go to last post

    a better treestrap

    look at the second picture: that's no problem, the tarp goes as low as you want, so you can have it anywhere between the height of the treestraps (for

    nanok Today, 06:18 Go to last post

    Looking for suggestions to attach tarp to tree straps

    a bit of context: i did consider what the original post suggests, it is indeed tempting as it saves some ridgeline rope, but not much else (and my oversized

    nanok Today, 06:10 Go to last post

    Favorite 30* TQ that's multi purpose?

    A lot of people have benefited from your experimentation, both from knowledge and from good deals on lightly used gear.

    cmoulder Today, 06:03 Go to last post

    a better treestrap

    One problem I see is that the tarp ridgeline would then be at the same height as your tree strap anchor point. You would lose much side coverage hanging

    Countrybois Today, 05:59 Go to last post

    Favorite 30* TQ that's multi purpose?

    Lol, thanks for the shout out. My gear closet isn't as robust as it use to be, but I think i've had just about everything!

    Peppy Today, 05:57 Go to last post

    Noob curiosity: why not stitch the UQ to the hammock itself

    The wookie/trailwinder is a great option for people like me who have a dedicated lay (I'm a head right feet left, or left lay kind of guy). My son, however,

    Peppy Today, 05:52 Go to last post

    a better treestrap

    the components (legend for the pics/videos above):

    - webbing for the actual strap
    - multi-shackle for the VT on the cinch line

    nanok Today, 05:52 Go to last post
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