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    Finally got to hang!

    nice stuff, badgustav. Building a better comfort level one piece of gear at a time. Enjoy your elevation!

    Cabmanhang Today, 15:05 Go to last post

    Hello Everybody!!!

    Welcome to Hammock forums. The bare minimum you need to hand is top insulation, bottom insulation, and a tarp if you expect rain. That sleeping bag

    TrailSlug Today, 15:04 Go to last post

    Poles to hike and use when setting up tarp

    Any hiking pole can be used to put a tarp in porch mode. You simply wind your guy line around the handle of the pole and then down to the ground.

    TrailSlug Today, 15:01 Go to last post

    Hello Everybody!!!

    Wow! What an amazing forum! I just want to say hi to everyone here. I have been reading through bits and pieces of this website in the hopes to delve

    Fizzbee Today, 14:59 Go to last post

    Dream Hammock Sparrow

    Would also consider trades for other dream hammocks, Hyper D fabric preferred.

    Peppy Today, 14:55 Go to last post

    OH>May 2017 Trips Planning Thread

    I want to hit Mohican up soon too. Now that it is warm enough for the stream crossing, I want to head back to my favorite site 3.

    Fickle1 Today, 14:46 Go to last post

    Zippered Bugnet? and First Real Hammock

    Q1: If bugs don't bite you, God bless. Some people don't use bugnets but I'm not one of them.
    Q2: I hate zippers, and won't even consider bug protection

    SilvrSurfr Today, 14:46 Go to last post

    Best for tarp ridgeline?

    I tried zing-it but it snapped 4' under my tarp have no clue why. Wind was roughly 5-10 mph with gusts around 20. The two poles it was attached to could

    SoaknWet Today, 14:41 Go to last post
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