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    Video: How I fold my tarp

    Glad you found something of use. Just have to make sure they, as well as tarp/cordage, are totally dry before storage at home.

    You're welcome,

    cmoulder Today, 05:34 Go to last post

    Seeking tarp advice

    Pitching a square asymmetrically actually makes the ridgeline longer (see Pythagoras) but at the expense of side coverage.

    cmoulder Today, 05:14 Go to last post

    Lightweight straps that don't bunch

    Not a bad idea...I don't have a machine but my mother down the road does.

    eamonnconnor Today, 04:40 Go to last post

    Seeking tarp advice

    At 22 ounces it may not meet your weight requirements, but I'll mention the Jacks 'R Better 11x10 foot tarp. It has multiple tie-outs that might be the

    sidneyhornblower Today, 04:08 Go to last post

    Seeking tarp advice

    Something I've noticed on here is that whenever a tarp is pictured in "ground mode" then it's staked right to the deck. That's not the way to

    Bob-W Today, 03:38 Go to last post

    WNC 12th Annual John Rock Event - 22 -25 July 2021

    Great reports, glad no-one was injured.

    Kind of shocking the bear would be so brazen with such a large group! Good call to get out of there

    Tpatter Today, 01:20 Go to last post

    Video: How I fold my tarp

    Love that accordion-like folding of the tarp - very neat and tidy. I have been pulled to the power of the snake skin side of the hammock force, however,

    Tpatter Today, 01:14 Go to last post
    Xtreme Napper

    Warbonnet Blackbird

    Hi, Charles,

    I have a pre-2017 Warbonnet Blackbird, Double Layer, but not the XLC. It's been used twice, is LN, and has been kept in a humidity

    Xtreme Napper Yesterday, 22:12 Go to last post
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