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    Jungle recommendations?

    When I've been in the jungle I'm happiest in a Mayan style hammock, fronkey style bug net, and a major tarp.
    Now I might add an UQP on the outside

    LowTech Today, 22:04 Go to last post

    Towns end luxury vs Haven XL

    I am a wannabe hammock sleeper who has never been able to sleep for a night in a hammock. I have tried Hennessy, Jacks r better, blackbird, amok 3, but

    jmacpolo Today, 22:03 Go to last post

    Tensa 4 Hammock Stand

    That's (one) of the great things about the Tensa4 and motorcycle travel; it is basically self-supporting, even when the ground won't support a traditional

    Crazytown3 Today, 21:56 Go to last post

    Jungle recommendations?

    Hello all!

    Iím in the military (Air Force) and have an upcoming deployment to Panama. Iím assigned to a non-military organization in Hawaii

    haYstaKz Today, 21:54 Go to last post

    Onewind top quilt

    If we're talking about the one that you can also wear like a poncho . . . I really didn't like the strap and buckle that ends up under your calves when

    LowTech Today, 21:50 Go to last post

    Winter/Travel Sock

    For those of you that have and use a winter/travel sock, do you find them beneficial? The top quilts and underquilts I have are 20į. Am looking to add

    ScottS Today, 20:10 Go to last post

    Canada>Central->EGL 2022 Spring - Death March to Chicamoula

    I’m hoping that Jiblets or Cruiser51, or both, chime in with their trip reports for the loop we completed. It was a real adventure and a real

    Dale Today, 20:00 Go to last post

    Lynx Full Length with an XLC Blackbird

    Wooki on my Eldorado is stellar. There is exactly zero adjustment. Toss it on both ends and your done. It's never slipped or ended up in a funny spot.

    Jimswms Today, 17:33 Go to last post
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