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    Hammock Fire SALE - from $25

    I guess they must have changed their minds or just gotten too busy to put them up.

    I would say so.

    Yarome Today, 02:35 Go to last post

    CO > Winter Backpacking

    @GilligansWorld when thinking about a location, one thing Iíll do from time to time, is carpool. So perhaps we all meet at the main park-n-ride off E470

    Strex Today, 02:05 Go to last post

    CO > Winter Backpacking

    I do quite a bit of backpacking and tend to fall into the ultralight category, which I enjoy. Itís not for everyone, and takes a long time to dial your

    Strex Today, 01:56 Go to last post

    CO > Winter Backpacking

    I would get both if I were you! Walking in snowshoes without poles is like skiing without poles, itís doable, but youíll spend most of your time trying

    Strex Today, 01:34 Go to last post

    DIY Grosgrain and Rolled Hem Guides

    Thanks for sharing your invention!
    I was going to buy a commercial metal fixture a while back to serve this purpose but wasn't sure how it would

    Equalizer Today, 01:24 Go to last post

    Deleting Uploaded Pictures

    If the photo was uploaded for attachment but never used is there a way to remove it from this list?

    Edit- I found this noteó ď Uploads

    hang-anon Today, 01:24 Go to last post

    What are the weights of the doubles?

    Thanks for verifying those details.
    I noticed those strips and considered adjusting the width by removing one if needed.
    They really should

    Equalizer Today, 01:13 Go to last post

    Becket Hitch or Sheet Bend? ABOK and knot experts please!

    I agree with CMC. The structure is the same, but the usage is different. A becket Hitch does NOT join two ropes together. It fastens one rope onto a loop.

    leiavoia Today, 01:02 Go to last post
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