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    Just got a second hand Hammock Gear Burrow 30

    I agree with SilvrSurfr my quilt sets are a 0, a 20, and a 50 set. The twenties get used 90% of the time. I also primarily use a Ridgerunner and

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    Welcome to the forums. Looks like you have a great setup so get out there and share your stories and experiences.

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    Wet top quilt, again!

    It the south if you sleep out at night your quilt gets damp to wet period. It's all about the relative humidity and ours is always on the high side.

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    First night at 8 degrees!

    I've yet to experience a single cool night let alone cold night in my LocoLibre quilts. George simply does good work. The wait hurts but order in the

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    First night at 8 degrees!

    Very nice, planning to order my own 10 Habanero in the very near future! Did you get the head end draft collar? And is that the Moss Green? If so, is

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    zing it

    You might still have issues with the 1.2mm But it comes in a heavier 2.0 as well. I guess I could try that instead...

    I found the same

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    Wet top quilt, again!

    I really have to make time to read that VB thread...

    And, next trip I want to hang at ^^^that^^^ spot..

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    Wet top quilt, again!

    Last night I camped with temps mid-teens, no VB. Quilt was wet on top head, torso and even some in the leg area. Curiously none at the feet, because I

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