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    Linville Gorge 30 Dec-1 Jan

    Great report. I've hiked a lot of miles at many different places and gorge miles can be pretty tough. It doesn't always show on the map, but lots of little

    Dvankirk Today, 08:19 Go to last post

    Linville Gorge 30 Dec-1 Jan

    This trip report is severely delayed as I have been procrastinating and such. Entirely my fault. I made this trip on Dec 30-Jan1 of this past New Year

    Shagginwagon Today, 07:44 Go to last post

    NC Yates Hang 5-8 March 2020

    Taz, the crocs create that illusion.

    GroundHog Today, 07:35 Go to last post

    Amok XL and Tensa 4....

    Thanks for the replies on slope set up.

    What is the proper was to attach the to attach the smoke straps to the ends of the tenza4 stand?

    Grillmastertoo Today, 07:26 Go to last post

    A Different CL

    Here is a tutorial, with a measurement calculator, to make the type of CL described, sort of. Instead of leaving the raw threads externally it buries

    jeff-oh Today, 06:30 Go to last post

    Down Symmetrical UQ-P

    Wouldn't a down underquilt protector be just another layer of down? In other words, you're just stacking underquilts?

    SilvrSurfr Today, 05:39 Go to last post

    Down Symmetrical UQ-P

    You can get a trail winder UQ in symmetrical.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Saltfly Today, 05:34 Go to last post

    Down Symmetrical UQ-P

    I wasn't sure about how this would fair to its popularity of a down symmetrical under quilt protector?

    As far as l know there is nothing

    Cabbo Today, 05:28 Go to last post
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