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    Point me toward a decent hex tarp

    Can't help you with Sub $50, but for a bit more and yet a good value, I'd look at UGQ Hex Hanger Tarps - Cat Cut (as well as other brands).

    Us5Camp Today, 15:26 Go to last post

    Sleepless night

    I have a sleep number bed and drop it way down to have a slight arch. Reminds of my hammock.

    StandingBear Today, 15:25 Go to last post

    Point me toward a decent hex tarp

    Check out Warbonnet. Looks like he still has some Mamajambas New old stock from like 6 years ago. 70.00 they are under promtions/blems UCP

    SamyK Today, 15:24 Go to last post

    Guy lines on the tarp or stake?

    I tie them to the tarp and leave them there, folding them up (figure 8) and wrapping the end line around it to for a slip knot. Then I wrap the whole

    Singingcrowsings Today, 15:23 Go to last post

    Guy lines on the tarp or stake?

    Mine stay on the tarp, then go out to the peg and secure with farrimond hitch easy fast and efficient lowest weight.

    Sent from my LG-H815

    Tacblades Today, 15:23 Go to last post


    The Kakwa was one of the most memorable trips I've made. I would say the same about Robson, gorgeous, but too many people and too many regulations.

    OlTrailDog Today, 15:22 Go to last post

    Guy lines on the tarp or stake?

    I attach my lines to my stakes and then put them in a small stuff sack. I find it easier this way. I have some Dutch bling (Tarp worms) to make assembly

    StandingBear Today, 15:22 Go to last post

    Guy lines on the tarp or stake?

    If you REALLY hate knots, leave the lines on the stakes and wrap the line around the stakes. I use a loop of elastic shock cord tied (yes, a knot, but

    Ranc0r Today, 15:20 Go to last post
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