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  1. Well I placed my order. I expect to do a little...

    Well I placed my order. I expect to do a little fussing to get all the new parts to work together. I am upgrading from the original Hennessy that I've had for well over 10 years.
  2. How to set up Jarbridge on WB Traveler?

    Im considering purchasing a Jarbridge to use with my WB Traveler. I sort of understand how Triangle Thingies work with a hammock with an integral net. I am assuming I can create the same rigging...
  3. What stuff sack to hold 1.7 DL Traveler and bugnet?

    I am set to order a bugnet for my double layer 1.7 traveler, but was wondering which double ended stuff sack will fit both assembled components? Thanks, Woody.
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    brutaly sneaky spam

    I saw that......
  5. Got a poncho liner. Which patern for G1 HH?

    Hello, first post here.

    After a little research I sent off for a GI poncho liner, and would like to make an under quilt for my G1 symmetrical Hennesy Hammock.
    I have the patterns for the...
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    Looks like I'm hanging around the NE

    Greetings, summers about here and I'm figuring on spending some time camping in Maine. I've got at least 50 nights in with my original Hennesy Hammock, But am looking to improve my insulation and...
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