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    I am growing to the point of longing for nights of coma-like sleep in my hammock. It's hanging so close just at the top of the stairs, Only 20 feet from were I lay in the 12" thick memory foam bed, aching wile my wife snores away the night. I toss and turn and flip and flop and still my back cries out "BLACK BIRD!" O it hangs just 20 stairs away and yet here I lay in agony. But alas! Tonight she has gone to do a girls movie night with her friends! And I, I am free to sleep in ripstop nylon bliss! With the AC down as low as I want, HA. But that is another story for another day.

    Good luck MYKE, and welcome to the way of the..........Snore.


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    My hubby is not a hammock person. Given the choice of coping with my restlessness or getting a good night's sleep himself, he has been very tolerant of my need to sleep in a hammock.

    When we moved to our new apartment, I had the landlord bring his stud finder, so the hammock is safely anchored to the wall. I have it set up so I can easily detach one end of the hammock and hang it on the wall when I'm not sleeping in it.

    Not only do I get a wonderful night's sleep, but I have no back problems, leg cramps or any other physical discomfort. In the summer, when it's very hot, I do not wake up in a pool of sweat, like I did when trying to sleep in a bed.

    I think people are either hammock enthusiasts or they're not.

    Wishing everyone a good night's sleep.

    JJ Murphy
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    Yet another testimony for the hammock in the house. I'm currently 6'1" 194lb if that helps at all. Finding out that I couldn't sleep in a bed any longer without being propped up slightly, and still waking up with pain, made me switch to a reclining chair. Slept so-so for quite a few months, and still woke up with pain, but less. (back, neck and kidney) Built "the $25 hammock stand" (worth a million) in my bedroom, design changed slightly using 1/2 bolts to hold each half together. First night, woke up a few times to actively change position. Second night, woke up once, same thing. Been sleeping in the hammock (home made double layer, sewn channel end) for a couple months I guess now, and sometimes wake up but only because of the need to pee. Many nights, sleep straight through, and wake up with NO pain, none. During the night, I now change positions from flat on back assym, to side fetal, to the more common for me side, one knee pulled up "Captain Morgan" position. With, or without single arm over head. Had a little pressure on my heel that seemed strange, but since its indoors, and no bug net, I just put one, or both heels over the edge of the hammock, and pressure is gone. I had no idea just how badly I slept until after the first few nights getting used to the hammock. Major improvement. Changing positions can seem a little strange at first, but it doesn't take much time to get used to where to put your butt as you turn over. (for me anyway, its a little different, no warranties implied, contact your attorney for details, point away from face when opening etc)
    My only concern with colder temps was insulation. Since I made my hammock double layered poly upholstery fabric it helps. Even now, I have a coleman TM large sleeping bag zipped up, and placed between the layers. I sleep with that, and either a poncho liner, or light wool type blanket over the top. Small pillow under my neck, and sometimes a folded blanket under my knees. It varies. Sounds like a big getting ready for sleep production, but its no big problem for me. Having the hammock in the stand means I leave the "tree straps" connected to the uprights, and simply un-hook one carabiner hanging it on the other when not in use. The tree straps are tied at the loop ends with short pieces of cord just to hold them in place, and prevent the ghost caused unwrapping and dropping on the floor without them. And thus, ends my novel of a post.

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    I have a similar problem and have been hanging outside lately, but the weather has been quiet warm and humid. My wife has multiple back problems and has her own special bed so sleeping in a hammock will be a none issue for me. I work in wood better than metal so a hammock stand made of 4"x4" should be doable. I think I can over engineer something. I thought about eyebolts into a stud but passed this by. One wall would be a non-weight bearing interior wall. Voice in my head kept saying "Danger Will Robinson"

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    Having read through all the posts I can't add too much more to this topic other than durung the winter I also sleep mostly full time in my inside hammock. Pain be gone!
    During the summer there is a spot in the corner of the back field that has trees to hang from and has been transformed into a home based camp ground.
    What I lack in knowledge I MORE than make up for with opinions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Willyp View Post
    ...My wife has multiple back problems and has her own special bed so sleeping in a hammock will be a none issue for me..
    Willyp: if the hammock works for helping with your back pain, why not try to evangelize your wife?

    Knighthorse: I enjoyed your "novel."

    p.s. My daughters have just noticed the smiley faces and have asked me to start using them. Sorry everyone.

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    I have only begun hanging and have just completed (and field tested) my first DIY hammock. This hammock is for my son and is soon going to be hung in his room.

    I have 2 SkyChairs that hang on the front porch from 2x10 by 20ft long. My first impression, the supports are not enough. I have done the structural analysis on it and it is sufficient for this configuration .... which was a bit of a surprise. They have been hanging for almost 3 years now, so it is apparently enough. My wife and I hang in them quite a bit during the summer.

    I thought about eyebolts into a stud but passed this by. One wall would be a non-weight bearing interior wall. Voice in my head kept saying "Danger Will Robinson"
    What I can suggest (and what I will be doing) is because of the interior wall studs are only 2x4, add some extra help to the eye bolt and the stud.

    1. Using 3/4" plywood (or 2x6), cut it so it is long enough to screw into a stud on either side of the eye bolt stud. This will assist in distributing the weight to the other studs.
    2. Be as sure as possible to hit the center of the stud with the eye bolt to reduce the tearing of the stud.
    3. Put the eye bolt as close to the ceiling (top sill plate) as possible to reduce any bending in the studs.

    Good luck to those hanging inside and I will post some pics when I finally hang my son's.

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    Just got back from a camping trip, I guess I'm what you guys call a car camper. I stopped at wallyworld and bought 2 $6 hammocks. I was surprised by the quality. My nephews, nieces and daughter took turns swinging and trying to bump each other out, I used one tree for the end of both hammocks and the other ends had their own trees. Alright, I took a turn at bumping the nephews out myself. Anyway, I didn't sleep in them over night, but I did take a pretty good nap in them. Looking forward to getting a better quality hammock up to see if it will help the back pain.

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