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    Quote Originally Posted by humblemonkey View Post
    Do most of you find that you just need one UQ through most temp ranges? Are you using the same UQ in 25 degrees and 55 degrees? I'm assuming that, since heat rises, you won't get too warm with a think UQ during mild nights. What are your experiences with that?
    I use the same underquilt all the time. In milder weather it's easy to let the quilt hang looser and ventilate. Mine's good to 30F so far. (JRB Hudson River)

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    to be fair though... three season hanging you can probably do with one quilt. Winter hanging you need more insulation and ground dwellers often have multiple sleep pads depending on the temps. Lots of people have multiple sleeping bags for different temps. So the multiple items thing is not limited to hammocks.
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    when i want to push my UQ below 25, i combine it with a ccf pad. i have found, the UQ works great in temps from 70 down to <30
    the beauty of my hiking terrain is that i can find a moderate temp range with very little fluctuation all times of year (40 for a low can be found all 4 seasons, hiking range from 1200' to 12,000')

    id like to make a winter down UQ but that's just not really necessary, for my terrain. If temps get down into the 10's or below, im staying home!
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    I agree, my 3-season underquilts will cover the bulk of my camping and most all of my hiking. I do use a winter underquilt when it gets in the single digits. I could use pads to supplement, but it's just a lot easier, warmer, and pack-friendly to switch out quilts.
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    I use just the one UQ, a winter yeti. It has worked fine through the summer and obviously all winter. But to be completely fair to the question the temps where I am are moderate. never too hot (88ish) nor too cold (10ish). And the 88ish is during the day, and is a fair bit cooler at night. at 88ish Islide it off to the side and just pull it back in place when needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter_pan View Post
    Cilled bottoms and sides begin between 65-75 for most folk...

    Do something to ensure a comfortable night.... Pad or under quilt.... the choice is all about your back sweat issues, bulk, weight and cost...Try three or four approaches and spend more in the long run than researching a great breathable UQ, and deciding to make yourself happy from the start.

    Been there, done that, learned... BTW thats how JRB got started.

    Listen to this man. I would only add you should try a pad first, I've had the best luck with evazote I ordered from Oware. Speer sells a similar pad IIRC. If you already have a thermarest, order a segmented pad extender from Speer. If you don't have a thermarest I wouldn't bother with it. Either you will most likely buy an UQ or give up hammocking, at least when it is cold. The money for the pad isn't wasted because it can be used on the ground. If you don't have serious back sweat issues, you can use an UQ and a pad when it is really cold.

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