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    Utility of under quilt baffles run perpendicular to hammock

    I am a newbie to underquilts which partly explains my question. Has anyone had personal experience fluffing a JRB quilt shifting down to the sides or to the bottom of the quilt? I remember seeing Shug do that in one of his videos. It makes sense to me that you can shift down to the bottom when you need more loft. Under what conditions does fluffing the quilt to move down apply?

    I have liked comments in the forum regarding JRB products so want to understand the design features.

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    It allows you to adjust the temperature rating of the quilt slightly. If you shift down to the part of the quilt that is compressed under your back and around your sides by the hammock, the quilt will provide less insulation and be better suited for higher temps. If you shift down into the center of the quilt the higher loft over your body can help on colder nights. This should work with any down quilt or sleeping bag that has continuous horizontal baffles.

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